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I am giving up your approval for Lent

I am giving up your approval for Lent. To which my husband said, when I told him, "I approve of that." "Dear, you may support me and hold me accountable, but not approve." This realization came to me Ash Wednesday night, after I was unexpectedly enlisted to impose ashes at our combined Episcopal/Catholic service. not my handiwortk I was talking to my husband how this all came about and he declared I was "overthinking" which got me really mad. (So you know he was right.) And then I asked: did I read the prayers slow enough? Was the silence too short? Too long? Who IS this crazy person?!?! And that's when I realized that just when I thought I had the "needing others' approval" thing under control, I don't. It doesn't matter why it's back but let's just call it increased uncertainty. It's insidious this seeking of approval so this is going to be a tricky one.  Your mishegas is

God's Love Stories ....interesting blog posts

Here's a selection of blog posts and articles that struck me this past month: A complicated peace by Sarah Bessey an hour long video called Keep the Church Weird by Rachel Held Evans St Joe's Unplugged at Acts 8 Moment.  Their learnings are very interesting 11 Things about the Episcopal Church by Ben Irwin and the sequel 4 Things I want for the Episcopal Church (I may have to start following this blog) Slouching Toward Shabbat by Abigail Pogrebin at 18 Holidays: 1 Wondering Jew Why I've Been Going to an Episcopal Church at Metamorphosis. I am enjoying and learning so much about my church by these newcomer points of view. on going to (an episcopal) church by Jonathan Martin After A Deal, British chocolates won't cross the pond at the New York Times . This is so so sad because Hershey's has the name but modified the recipe so it doesn't taste right! Modesty: I don't think it means what you think it means by Rachel Held Evans at Qideas .