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God's Love Stories -- Lenten edition

Apparently, not seeking your approval means never posting on my blog. Actually, it means that it's been a super-busy month where if I'm not working I've been playing with art, thanks to LifeBook 2015, or busy with the lead-up to Holy Week/Easter as Chair of the Worship Ministry. Here are the stories, blog posts, and otherwise, that I've read over the past month or so and are worthy of keeping track of in some form (for me) and may be of interest to you. (Sad to say, I also lost a bunch when our WiFi went haywire.) A Prayer for Poverty and Hunger  at Episcopal Relief and Development But its Not About Race, Right? by Rachel Held Evans Becoming a Soul Minimalist by Emily Freeman at chatting at the sky How to Start Deeply Savoring Your Life by Shauna Niequist, guest posting at A Holy Experience Cultivate: Choosing Love and Humility over Rightness or When Resurrection is our Story by Micha Boyett The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered and Its Not