What I Learned in May, June, July ...

Which sounds like the lyrics of a song but here goes:

1) When you upgrade to OS 10.10.3 and PhotoShop Elements (6.0) crashes on trying to open jpg files to edit. What to do? Drag the files to the app icon and voila! Edit and save to your heart’s content.

2) Birthdays can last for more than one day. Sometimes up to two weeks! I have the cakes (and toasted marshmallow milkshake) to prove it!

3) I had to be shown how to use tumblr. My Computer Science degree is officially useless.

4) Texting during the Great Silence probably counts as breaking the silence. So does, I learned, reading and writing in your journal. One is supposed to be still as well as silent.

our room at Mt. Calvary monastery

5) Reading in a group "From Teilhard to Omega", a collection of essays edited by Ilia Delio. Teilhard was a Jesuit whose writings were banned but appear to have recently sprouted wings. The interesting thing I learned was that Teilhard's central theology is that all things move toward union with God. Our study leader (a Lutheran pastor) shared that we are moving toward the Garden of Eden, toward union with God.

What new things have you learned recently?


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