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I checked my email this morning to find the weekly letter from Still Forming had a very appealing announcement.

I wrote the following on Facebook:

Friends, there have been discussion and posts on my Facebook feed on the refugee crisis and what should or shouldn't be done. Early this week, I wanted to escape the polarization that's occurring and offer a series of reflections this Advent on love but I haven't been exactly successful in escaping the creation of more polarization on my Facebook feed. Christianne Squires (Still Forming) is offering a series of meditations on Jan Richardson's blessings (beautiful example here).

Here's what she says about them: "Jan's blessings are most poignant for the ways they meet us in the cracks and crevices of life, helping us find or notice the light in dark places. During a time when the world feels full of darkness, and in a season — Advent — when we are watching and waiting for the light to come, I cannot imagine a better gift than to let her remarkable blessings speak to our hearts and find our way forward."

The meditations are based on Jan Richardson's new book: Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons. 
It takes more than one voice, one heart to change hearts away from fear and toward love. If you would like to join in, Christianne has set up a private Facebook group here.
I am still going to blog about love and hope this Advent and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts too ... feel free to share them directly in the comments or link to your blog there.


  1. I lost the last lot this is a test,I look forward to sharing this Advent walk with you, we can all use some love and hope at the moment, MU's theme for next year is praying in the hard places the bishop added praying the hard prayers,Paris has brought those hard prayers to the surface, the comment was made yesterday I am so over Paris! I found that heartbreaking I want this Advent to be prayerful and have meaning much much love Mum


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