Hope for Peace

Since the attacks in Paris, I've been contemplating how to respond. I've reacted aplenty: with horror and sorrow, with concern for backlash at refugees, immigrants and Muslims. I've traded comments on Facebook, shared news stories, prayers and commentary like this one:

"ISIL is Weak" by Wahleed Aly (The Project, a news/comedy show in Australia).

I kept getting the nudge that there was more that I could do than this, more that I could bring to heal the hurt, anger and fear.

"Hope for Peace" is the beginning of that. It's closely based on a LifeBook 2015 lesson by Andrea Gomoll some weeks ago that I never got around to doing. 

Glass bead gel is awesome although you can't see the shimmer really in this photo. This art journal page expresses simply my heart in that moment: to hope for peace, to bring light and joy and transformation ...

Advent is almost upon us (it starts on the 30th). It is traditionally a time of expectant waiting, of preparing for the arrival of the Christ Child. I am going to be blogging about peace, love, light, joy and transformation, and my struggles to find the same. I figure by sharing struggles and learning to speak and live these things that maybe there will be more joy, more love, more peace and less and less fear of things we don't need to be afraid of.

To start with (because one has to start somewhere), I'll be referring to Ed Bacon's The 8 Habits of Love: Overcome Fear and Transform Your Life which came out a couple of years ago. I pulled it out from my massive to-read pile(s) and started reading it this week. I'll also be dipping into The Rule of Benedict and various other sources.

I am hoping this will be less a lecture (aka me musing to myself) and a conversation, so I invite you to share your thoughts too on how one can lead with love.


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