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LifeBook 2015 in review

As I am about to embark on the year-long LifeBook 2016 , I thought I would share my work from last year's Life Book. Before I started gluing things in I unfortunately bound the thing way too tightly forgetting to take into account the thickness of the watercolor pages, but oh well! I uploaded it smaller than its original resolution (with thanks to my hubby for doing the video while I flipped pages) but you can try going full-screen (or to YouTube) and pause to read the captions. It is about 3.5 minutes long. There are about 56 paintings in there, plus photos of work I did in my art journal that related in some way to Life Book 2015. Enjoy! (I shall resume blogging about light-bringing soon. I've been busy finishing up LifeBook and painting an icon. And always needing to look  up a particular reference.)