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Ever After ....

I don't blog much and even less about art or craft these days, but there is a new class coming out headed by Tamara Laporte called Ever After. I am in the midst of doing LifeBook 2016 and planning a complete reorg of my art space (as I can't move it into the larger guest room) but it's not the fairytale aspect of the course that appeals to me (although, you know, that can be fun and pretty), but being introduced to new artists, new ways of doing things, and in addition, there's a module on developing one's own style (which I'm pretty convinced comes with time and repetition). One of the artists teaching is Effy Wild , who successfully hooked me on gel pens last year. You can click on her name to enter the giveaway too!

God's Love Stories May edition

Here's another round-up of thought-provoking stories, hopes, prayers, and discussion on current issues that are worth a read: Richard Rohr on Incarnation instead of Atonement Hope in Hollywood by Rev. Simon Mainwaring Kindness Matters by Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage A Prayer for the Hectic Times by emily freeman at chatting at the sky On Restrooms, Gender and Fear by Emily Heath at Glorify New Girl Director Recalls Making the Prince Episode at Vulture All The Things You Can No Longer Buy if You Are Boycotting Transfriendly Businesses at The Daily Beast New Christian Contemplatives at Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (KPBS) Hamilton South Jesus Church Connects Community by Helen Gregory at The Newcastle Herald A Prayer for a Hopeful Vision by emily freeman at chatting at the sky Rice Krispies: My Spiritual Awakening by Sarah Bessey "I didn’t need this weird demarcation between “sacred work” and “secular work” – rather all of my life, seen and uns

What I learned in April

Here's what I learned in April. My plans are not God's plans. Okay, technically this fell on the first of May but as I do these so rarely, I figured you wouldn't hold that against me. I had it all planned out: a relaxing cup of tea before finishing packing and preparing my room for departure and then heading off to Eucharist (I was on retreat here). I am enjoying my cup when the Mission bells start, shortly followed by the monastery's bells. Hmm, I think, I wonder if Br. Timothy is checking the clapper again? No, it was the one day all week when Eucharist was at 9 instead of 11:30am because Sunday. So much for the lazy cup of tea and serene packing. Fr. Adam's sermon was all about going with God's flow of life instead of imposing our will upon God/life. Yes, God, I heard you the first time. A lack of fresh air and not sitting with nature leads to me feeling depressed and unworthy. It's amazing how 15 minutes sitting in the shade and enjoying a cool Sa