Blogging Resuming...

My posh "Call the Midwife" look :)
I know, I know, I go through periods of posting and then ... crickets. My hope is that I'm about to embark on an extended period of posting.

I'm watching CSPAN right now (after watching the House sit-in via my representative's Periscope!) ... and it feels like history (although I've learned that sit-ins have occurred twice before and the Senate filibuster earlier this week was, well, a bust as all the gun control bills were voted down) and while I wasn't intending my first post to get all political, it's what's happening and here we are.

But I'm not coming back to write about that. There are things I want to write about and this summer, I hope to start the routine of writing again regularly.

I will write about art, theology (of various sorts), and life in general.

This has come about because Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage made a remark in a recent post about how much she appreciated her webhost's support and using WordPress.

And here I am on Blogger.

I spent a few days investigating other hosts, including the web host I already had (which didn't have the latest specs) but where I hadn't had an active website for quite a while. That was money I was just wasting. Finally, I realized that to have a proper WordPress blog would cost more money than my prior commitment to blogging could justify. So I downgraded my webhost to an email account so I could hang onto my email and domain name and I'm back on Blogger with a vengeance (hopefully). I might even update the look, although that doesn't matter if you read this via feedly or some other blog reader.

I'm sure you didn't need to know all that, and I hope my future posts will be a bit more riveting, but this blog has become a bit like the blank page. A little daunting and all the lists I post about once a month are really nothing more than doodling in the margin. These are the words that stop this blog from being quite so blank.

It's time to blog.


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