What I Learned in May

1. I can still obsess over something. 

Like, really obsess, lose all track of time forget to eat obsess. I spent the Memorial Day weekend emptying out most of my art room so I could reorganize the furniture to better do what I now want to do art-wise. The whole weekend, until I nearly dropped with exhaustion and then pushed through it. (I finally stopped Monday afternoon for a shower, movie and dinner out.) I still have some tweaking to do because I ran out of time, so the grand reveal will have to wait.

2. This icon of Mary (follow the link, I couldn't find a public domain image of it) is one of the oldest surviving icons from the 5th century (the 6th century saw iconoclasm and the destruction of icons). Its tradition is that this is the first icon Luke painted. This exact one. Although most date it to the 5th century, the nuns claim it has been carbon dated to 100 AD, give or take. I find her beautiful and haunting and she's going to be the next icon I write as soon as I figure out the hands. (And have the time.) I found her while doing some research for a talk on icons that I gave a couple of weeks ago.

3. You can get cotton candy mints. (And also, cotton candy is called fairy floss in Australia.) And they are very good. (And were found at a Dollar Tree store by a friend. Am off to find some in the coming days...)

I've signed up for the link-up over at chatting at the sky.

What did you learn in May?


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