God's Love Stories ... listening and loving

My superpower is to get out of a crowd quickly. I'm not a small person, so I do indeed treat this as a particular gift.

While I do have, in some measure, kindness and empathy, it is seasons like the one we're currently in where I wish I had it to the extent that it is a superpower: Empathy Girl. (See, I already have a name for it, and I am longing to do a portrait of her too.)

The articles I've found are about coming together as human beings to love and care for one another.

First, though, I highly recommend this Meditation When the World is Falling Apart by Christianne Squires at Still Forming. It is a beautiful thing.

And for some light-hearted, Pokemon-Go related fun, have you seen this video by Deena Blizzard called Chardonnay Go?  (also a Facebook video)


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