Where Bloggers Create: Evolution of an Art Studio

I've participated in Where Bloggers Create which is a blog party that shows off various creative spaces. I wanted to put them all into one spot for future reference. If you want to see my past entries, you can click here:

  • 2009 in its barest of bones (I didn't participate in the blog party, but wanted to show in 2010 how my room, which is a small third bedroom, had looked before.);
  • 2010 which is like a complete reveal with an additional post on my homemade hanky curtains;
  • 2011 after an overhaul of the closet (the doors fell off);
  • 2012, where I decided to show some "for real" pictures.
  • 2015, ditto "for real" pictures
  • 2016, rearranging and substantial changes to the space, and a small update regarding the corner with the easel


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