Welcome to the New Blog!

So yes, I'm really shifting the focus here to sharing my art.

I haven't deleted anything from the archives... so you can read everything all the way back to the first entry in 2010 from my first mixed media and crafting efforts through my bouts of theology and sharing gratitude to ... now ... art.

This was formerly provokingbeauty.blogspot.com and you can now access it via www.leanneshawler.com just in case you're wondering what the new website address was about.

Let me know if you have any problems with how this looks. I've tested it in a few browsers and it looks okay.

Also that weird triangle thing on the upper left and lower left of this post? Click on it and you'll be able to share this post (well, if you wanted to, which is not too likely for this particular post). I have yet to figure out how to nicely keep the share icons on view. The help instructions aren't particularly helpful, but I'm not ready to move to WordPress yet. (Y'all know that my past posting schedule doesn't as yet justify the expense.)

For now, the featured post is the different iterations of my art studio but the new featured post ... well, you'll find out Friday when I share my audacious plan.


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