Week 2 of 52 Portraits/Weeks is complete!

Phew, even with family stuff getting in the way, I got this one done in time.

It turned out to not be the Frida Kahlo one (and neither is the next piece), or the portrait I promised someone I'd do, but another one completely.

I used the same palette as last week, adding some Smalt Hue to all the colors to dull them down some more. Even with using a wet palette, the paint was starting to dry out by the end of this week (darn winter Santa Anas) ...

I had a canvas already prepped with gold gesso (from Daniel Smith), so I sketched the reference photo, changing her mouth to be open.

I also redid both eyes and her mouth after taking the photo. So much for thinking I was done.

I got the background down Monday as well as first layers on her face (the latter I forgot to take a photo of) and then I also made sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts) and didn't get back to it at all until Saturday.


The words are sort of a quote from Miley Cyrus. She was talking to one of her contestants on The Voice and how her therapist taught her to deal with anxiety. So it's not an exact quote. Kind of a summary.

I am feeling like I should go back in with my paint pens and add some finer detail to those butterflies, add some outlining and some dots. But first I have to go use up what's left of the paint on my palette before it all dries up! (Maybe by shading her clothes a little bit, hmmm....)

Ok, so I wrote this post and then went back to fix some more -- and also noticed that my PS Elements program really washes out the color when I do a "Save for Web..."

On Thursday, I started my next portrait already -- although there are technically two of them and I think it might be a watercolor and ink (and acrylics) piece this time just because I plan to get a good chunk of it done at what will be a very quiet week at work...