Week 3 of 52 Portraits in 52 Weeks

It was a quiet week at work, so I thought I'd bring in some pens with water soluable inks, a water brush and create a portrait.

I was inspired by the Anglican Parish of Gosford who put up a teardrop installation for refugees (particularly those held on islands in detention camps) instead of their usual Christmas tree. I decided to create tear drops of my own.

Two pictures found on Pinterest of Afghan refugees and a bee, because bees are in trouble with this warming climate. I am really happy with the bee.

The only thing was that when I put blue ink in the converter it came out purple thanks to the purple ink that was in there before (oops), so I didn't get the blue, or the depth of blue that I wanted, nor really created the tearsdrops in a 3D sense. Perhaps if I had chosen another medium where I could glaze over earlier layers to get that effect this would have been a more successful painting. I ended up finishing it at home with acrylics.

So not loving it, but hopefully this will serve as encouragement that even if the portrait doesn't turn out the way you want, it's still a completed week of the 52 Portraits in 52 weeks challenge.