Week One Complete! (52 Portraits in 52 Weeks)

It's just the first week and it already has proved that one can complete a portrait in a week even if one works full-time and has to deal with family emergencies (we're okay).

Monday night: image sketched

Tuesday night: set up palette and first layers

Wednesday night: choir
Thursday night: well, we had to watch The Voice! (yes, more about those choices later)
Friday night: one of my bosses got installed in his new job (where he is still my boss), an amazing evening
Saturday: at hospital most of the day, home for an hour where I painted! then off to Christmas party

Leaving Sunday to photograph and scan the finished portrait and get it online for y'all, as well as prep for week 2!

For Week 2, I am still trying to decided between the redo of Frida Kahlo (which is on a board) or a whole new painting. I still have a lot of paint left from this painting in blues, reds, greens and purples, so I'm leaning toward the Frida Kahlo redo as it is more abstract.