What I Learned This Fall

One: I don't need to draw a face to paint it. I can just dive right in, even with ink. Annie Hamman's class Close Up workshop gave me such confidence! (The class is still available as a self study)

Two: I learned that while I love how long I can work with oils before the paint isn't moveable any more, what I don't love about it is the smell (even with using odorless mineral spirits) and the environmental impact. Open acrylics are supposed to be similar so I might give that a try...
Madonna Oils, from Annie Hamman's Close Up Workshop class

Three: Grief takes a chunk out of you, even when you're not consciously thinking about it. Dad died at the beginning of summer --and my mental acuity is just not there. Of course, I am thinking about making art a lot, because life is just too short not to do the things you love to do. I'm not even sure I am ready to monetize that, but I am moving towards it slowly...

Four: My church has invited us to do a spiritual gifts inventory. Because it was written a while ago (with a very colonialist Christendom mindset), a lot of my responses were no, no, NO, aw Hell no!... am i Jewish? Which prompted a serious conversation with my boss, a rabbi, when I shared this with him. Has working in a synagogue and for rabbis affected my Christianity? Yes and for the better, see my next thing I learned....

Five: Especially a deeper understanding of the "Old Testament". I've been working at the synagogue for over four years so this is not something I "just" learned, but I returned to the fact that The Fall doesn't exist in Jewish theology -- and their explanation for sin is SO much more forgiving. And read a Christian theologian's examination of It in a book called "The Original Blessing" (by Daniella Shroyer)

Six: And when I went back to review my blog and social media for “a ha!” posts, I found What I Learned Over the High Holy Days (which was in September/October this year) 

Finally, this is linked up to Emily Freeman's What I Learned This Fall.
This Coming year, I'll be learning whether or not I can paint
52 portraits in 52 weeks


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