Joy -- Week 1 of LifeBook 2018 (and 6 of 52)

Today (Monday) marks the official start to a new week and a new painting. I finished this week's painting today, having started it early.

This week I took the theme from week one's LifeBook 2018 (early bird price ends on the 16th), which was about setting intentions and a word of the year. I'd already picked the word Joy, which was my word last year. It's not done with me yet.

I picked some of my favorite colors: teal (obviously) in heavy body Golden, Magenta in Jane Davenport's matte paint, and a Yellow Light in Blick Matte Acrylic. I added Titanium White a little bit of Neutral Gray in Golden heavy body. Yes, I forgot to take a picture of the palette this week!

I sketched this one out on Friday, did some journaling and fine tuned the sketch on Saturday, and completed a lot of the painting on Sunday. She wasn't finished though, and Monday (today) I finished painting her and painting her ... you see I journaled with Jane Davenport's Inkredible pen using Mermaid Marker ink and it kept coming up through layers and layers of paint and I didn't want anyone to read it. Admittedly, the Blick Matte Acrylic was much thinner, so I ended up adding a collage layer in the background and using the last of the paint to do a wash. I darkened the hair and background with Liquitex muted inks in rose and green.

I also wanted to do a less realistic likeness and to use a reference photo as a reference photo, but I'm not sure I succeeded. Even with the unnatural skin tone, I'm not sure. Can you identify her? I'll give you a hint: she's an actress in a cable TV series. Even if it's a wild guess, leave a comment.


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