Week 4 of 52 Portraits in 52 Weeks

Well, I wish I could show you this week's portrait... I'll share a few photos but as this painting is a gift, the full reveal will have to wait until the recipient gets it. You'll just have to trust me until it gets to Australia...

This is the first week I spent tracking my time at the easel (because I was using an easel this time instead of in my journal). I am using Jane Davenport's "Learning to Fly" planner, which is super-cute.

Aside from the fact of leaving my wet palette opened from Thursday morning, through Friday night, thankfully after I had pretty much finished the face so the paint that did try it didn't matter so much, this went pretty well.

I am also deeply thankful for the Facebook group "52 Portraits in 52 Weeks" as they came to my aid as I struggled to work on the shirt. The reference photo had a striped shirt that seemed really complicated.

The final piece is 12" x 16" on cold press watercolor paper in acrylic. Next is a portrait of a woman from my home valley (well, sort of). I'll share her story next week too.


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