No. 10 in the 52 Portraits Challenge

It seems I am pulling ahead, a little.

This is based on the week five lesson in LifeBook 2018 taught by Juna Biagioni. I won't reveal her method, suffice it to say, it involved creating texture and using pastels.

I used Brilliant Warm Yellow as the initial background and then leftover flesh tones on my palette, created texture in a somewhat different way than the lesson, and then followed Juna's technique in creating a face. I used a different reference photo than the class because I rather liked the idea of her looking off in one direction.

The result was lovely, and soft, but her nose was too small, for one, as was one eye, for another. And if felt all too faint. The texture was winning.

This is texture, winning.
I sprayed it with workable fixative and went along to the next step and well, I fixed the nose but ruined the forehead. And ruined her mouth, which took a lot of repair, and the eyes were still weird. The Pilbara Red soft pastel I used, though, was just lovely.

Still unhappy with the portrait and finding it getting dirty with charcoal, I sprayed more workable fixative on it. I needed to get to a happy place with the portrait. Out came the inks and acrylics until finally I was happy with it. (OK, the eyes are still a bit weird.) The iridescent gold was the right final touch.

I learned two things:

(1) bleed-proof white ink does not make a good first layer. The background layers chipped off over the white ink, and keep chipping off.
(2) don't give up on a painting. Ever. Even though I think I went too far and lost so much of that lovely red color, I am satisfied with this result. I gave this advice to another in the LifeBook 2018 Facebook group and then found I needed to take my own advice: don't give up on a painting. 

And my mum reminded me that the gifted painting has finally arrived, so I should do a reveal. Stay tuned.