No. 9 in the 52 Portraits/Weeks Challenge

After seeing The Greatest Showman, I wanted to paint the trapeze artist, Anne Wheeler, played by Zendaya. But because I've not been loose enough with my paintings (as in, they REALLY look like the reference photos), I decided just to draw her without a photo. I did that until I got to her hair and after putting in the broad strokes, found a photo to figure out how the back and sides of her hair-do worked.

It's my first profile of the challenge!

Once I'd finished her -- using the same palette as last week because I had plenty of paint -- and painted her dress three or four times -- I went and put in the background. I wanted to play with Jane Davenport's mermaid markers because I hadn't really, and I can say I still haven't mastered them. I ended up going over them with Liquitex Ink in muted turquoise.

This is not the best scan. (a) because you don't see the metallic sparkle in the stars; (b) the glitter-sparkle of the hot pink in her hair and (c) because it hadn't dried flat so parts of the page are blurry. But you get the idea. She ended up a little bit the trapeze artist and a little bit Cinderella, but that's okay.

Next? I've started on my interpretation of a LifeBook 2018 lesson, using some of the techniques as taught by Juna Biagoni in the fifth week of class.