Number 15 in 52 Portraits 52 Weeks

I don't know what I was thinking, trying to do a two page spread. I mean, it needed to be two pages. I actually started out on the left hand page and ended up transferring it to the opposite page. The hair needed room to move.

I wanted to play with Jane Davenport's mermaid markers as I'd never really let loose with them. I started out with Neocolor 2 water-soluable crayons, added Dr. Ph Martin's Radiant watercolor as the background (with some orange Neocolor 2 in there). I don't know if it's because of the paper in the journal, but the watercolor was streaky instead of absorbing as it would on normal watercolor paper. So in came the acrylic paint (a flesh tone from Jane Davenport's line) and with the light lavender in the mermaid markers (Jellyfish), I started laying in hair.

Then came the darker purple mermaid marker to lay in some darks, cinnamon Neocolor 2 for face shading, a bit of orangey Tombow water-soluable marker and some more acrylics. 

Highlights were with Jane's paint over pen and a white Posca pen.

And after a couple of evenings working on making the crease in the middle of the book disappear, here she is:

I'm not in love with her nose ... it's a little bigger than it should be, but I measured her eyes, mouth etc and it's all to scale (except that schnozz).  I've already started the next one. It is based on the LifeBook 2018 lesson for this week. The teacher is Annie Hamman, so I am keen to get started, while going my own way.