Art Snacks Party

I have been a subscriber to the Art Snacks box since April 2017.

So when I heard they were coming to Los Angeles and having a meet and greet and do art party at an art supplies store, hopping on the train seemed like a no brainer.

And it kind of was. Until the March for Our Lives got scheduled for the same day (March 24) and I found myself having to choose between a cause I am passionate about (I mean, isn't sensible gun control a no-brainer?) and something else I am passionate about. I'd already got the train tickets (on points), so to Los Angeles I went, feeling guilty along the way.

I had a great time. I made art for, like, two hours, ate yummy tacos, and I said hello to Roxanne and James of the Pug Party Podcast. Roxanne is an amazing artist, and I'd done one of her online classes, and she records ArtSnacks box breakdowns once a month.

James is a writer and as I have been a published writer and now painting is my preferred creative medium, listening to the two of them chat on their podcast (and their pugs snore) is a highlight. Having listened to their podcasts and watched Roxanne's vlogs, it felt like I knew them ... and yet we were complete strangers. Still, very cool to meet them even if I did freak out a little later that maybe I'd been tooo pushy in coming up to say hi. Ahem.

And aside from thanking Sarah of ArtSnacks at the end for a lovely event and going to say hello to Roxanne and James, I sat myself at a table and made art. So I started out introverted, even was surprised by someone at another table asking me about my art, and kind of finished introverted. And also, sadly, left before the cupcakes arrived.

There were prompts on the tables:

Prompt at my table, with some ArtSnacks supplies
My response to the prompt in my small journal.

Artsnacks set out some cool watercolor paper, so I created a face using some of the supplies they had out for us. She has a long way to go yet (so she might end up being one of my 52 portraits, we shall see.)

Don't know if I'll count either of the two below as part of my 52 Portraits either. We'll see, I suppose...

It's pretty cool to have my art shared on Roxanne's vlog of the day.

I also did a little shopping at the location, Artist and Craftsman Supply, refusing to use a basket so I wouldn't have to carry so much back home. I brilliantly left my jacket behind. Hey, by the time I left it was hot. Huge thanks to Emily at the store who packaged up my jacket and mailed it back to me. Downtown LA is just not a place I go to often. In fact, this might have been my first time downtown and outside of Union Station.

It was fun and the horchata was yummy too!


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