Hopeful, Number 22 of 52 Portraits

I am still running two weeks ahead. We'll see how long that lasts!

Today's is loosely based on a photo of the young Katharine Hepburn. Here's the initial sketch in Lyra pencil. (Apologies for the lighting. I had a layer of light purple acrylic already on the page and it was quite reflective.)

The palette I chose was Teal, Quidacridone Nickel Azo Gold (which makes some of my favorite colors), and a Neutral Gray. I did have a Cadmium Yellow added to it, but it just wasn't working. so those early layers got covered up.

As usual, there is plenty of paint left on my palette. I need to aim a little better with making puddles of paint -- I had to remix one color toward the end and yet I have a ton of Titanium White.

Here's when it's a hot mess. It's great to take photo because then you can see how the eyes, nose and chin are all wrong. Oh, and the mouth lacked depth.

I think I fixed that though.

Does she look like Katharine? I was going for shading not representation.

Speaking of exact representation. I seriously need to get my act together on hair. It's becoming an afterthought...