Tangerine, Number 21 of 52 Portraits

This is another of the Weekend Challenges. As usual, I went my own way. Using the reference photo they gave, I started with a loose drawing with Lyra pencil using my left, non-dominant, hand (thanks to Ivy Newport for that tip), and then switched to my right hand to rein in some of the crazy lines and add shading.

Oh, and yes, there is leftover paint on this page. It's starting to become a trend. The dark shadows on the right hand side are binder clips to hold the page flat.

I craved lime green and orange, probably because I needed to brighten up my palette and my week. I used Naphthol Red Light, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Green Gold and Titanium White. Because the colors are all somewhat transparent, even in heavy body paint, the lines from the Lyra pencil (which is water soluable) showed through.

It got to a point on the weekend where it just looked awful, like, unredeemably awful, not simply the ugly middle stages. Sunday was super busy, so I couldn't get back to it until last night. I walked in, looked at it and thought, oh, it's not so bad after all, it's actually quite good! (if I don't say so myself)

However, the paint I chose, especially in leaving out any blue, didn't give me any real darkest darks, and if I'm honest, the mix of orange and green left me with, well, baby poo color. I added in more sketchy lines with the Lyra pencil (especially as you could see some of the original lines anyway), and used it to add a bit of a dark halo around her.

And here she is.

Do not adjust your screens, she really is this bright.


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