Will the real Number 20 (of 52) please stand up?

Last weekend, I finished up a LifeBook lesson (as taught by Tamara Laporte) and really enjoyed it. The bright colors, the mixes, and so on, and then when it was done, not only had I painted an amazing hand and an okay self-portrait, it was entirely dominated by Tam's style.

I enjoyed it so much had forgotten to forge my own path, which is what this portraits practice is about. So after I processed the guilt (it's in my portraits journal! but it's a portrait!) I set it aside, and went on to do the second Weekend Challenge as my twentieth portrait. We all use the same reference photo. The demonstration piece used Payne's Grey and white, but I wasn't feeling it so went for Cobalt Violet (and white), and then I just had to use the muted rose acrylic ink from Liquitex.

Totally forgot to do process photos. Sorry.

What I will do is take what I loved about doing Tam's LifeBook lesson and see if I can create a fresh portrait out of it. I don't know if that'll be the next portrait -- I am feeling a bit in limbo, but we shall see.


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