Number 33: Looking back / Memory's ghost

I found some loose pages in the back of my Portraits journal and then I remembered I put a sketch into the envelope pocket at the front of the journal.

It was a sketch from a Misty Mawn's class "Embrace Yourself" that I really liked, but it was a warm-up before the actual sketch book page. The reference image is a vague memory, but I loved this sketch and I'd put it in the envelope with the thought of using it later.

I scanned it in, enlarged it, and then glued the original sketch into the journal with matte medium. This is where I discovered that the pencil I used was actually a watercolor pencil which smudged when I glued it down. Oops.

I used charcoal to trace the enlarged sketch onto the page and then fixed that with sepia ink.

Then I blocked out the background with some dark blue paint from Jane Davenport. It dries matte, so I was thinking of making more marks on the top. I did this painting without a palette. So I would put a daub of paint on the neighboring page and then mix and paint from there. Also, in the photo below you can see where I didn't get matte medium down and the blue paint soaked through.

Here's a list of everything I used:

  • Yellow-orange watercolor pencil 
  • Jane Davenport dark blue acrylic 
  • Charcoal (willow, I think)
  • Daler Rowney Sepia acrylic ink 
  • Golden Fluid manganese blue hue, titan buff, titan white 
  • Neocolor II orange watercolor crayon 
  • Faber Castell Pitt pens: indathrene blue, sanguine, green gold, brown/sepia 
  • Atelier Interactive artists acrylic in: toning grey pinkish, ultramarine blue, Naples yellow reddish 
  • Ivory Posca paint pen 
  • Marabu fineliner graphix brush pen (black) 
  • Tan Blick Studio marker 
  • Brush used (except for larger area): Princeton select filbert no. 4
Here's how it came out. I'm calling it Memory's Ghost:


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