Number 36 of 52 Portraits: Blue

I have been unwell for most of the week as my mostly blank art planner/tracker will attest. Yesterday I settled down for the first time in ages to paint a face, feeling a bit uncertain.

The background was leftover paint from the previous portrait. I started with Lyra pencil using my left hand -- which weirdly seems to get the basics of the face correct-ish -- and then right handed for more details (my left hand cannot draw mouths).

For the first layer, I used a marker I received in an old @artsnacks box: a Zig Art and Graphic Twin RB+F in Persian Blue. I don't know if it will bleed through like the Tombow markers do, but I suspect they will.

The darker color you see here is the Lyra pencil dissolving in the marker.

After this I went in with a bit of Titanium White in Golden fluid acrylic to get some highlights and variations in tone, and then used Payne's Grey to make the darkest darks, er, darker.

Here she is:

Her features are a bit wonky, but that's totally okay.

Now off to start number 37!


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