Week 38: Connected (52 Portraits in 52 Weeks)

I don't have any progress images to show you this time.

It started out as the other half of a two page spread that I gessoed over to make Number 37 and parts of that peek through in her hair. I completed the entire portrait ... and then gessoed over the face.

I used the Arteza paints again, using a different set of red, yellow and blue, and I'm getting the hang of them. Using a damp (not wet) brush has helped.

I made a process video of this, starting after the paint over of the first face, but I still need to figure out the music side, and at this point, the actual making of portraits is more important than showing them off. So here is the final image.

Oh, and why the lines? That's up to you, dear viewer, but I found my eyes stuck either on her nose, or on the trees and not moving, so I literally drew lines to point them at each other and keep your eyes moving about the page. Did that work?

Number 39 is already under way.


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