Number 40 or 41: Inspired by...

I've been taking LifeBook 2018 this year, dipping my toe in where I have been really caught by one of the themes, or the teacher's lesson for that week. This was the case with Ivy Newport's lesson last week.

The floating blue hair of one of the figures on her art journal spread really captured my attention. In the end, I believe I followed along a little too closely and came really close to declaring that I wouldn't count it, but instead I am choosing to acknowledge the influence of Ivy's lesson as you will see in a short while. Hers was a two page spread. I used an image from Unsplash as a reference for a portrait that dominated the page. I followed along with Ivy's collaging and using watercolor. (She also used acrylic paint, but I only brought a Posca paint pen along with me for fine details.)

I spent the weekend away and this came with me. I had prepped the page before we left with gesso (mostly covering wipe-off paint underneath).

Then I collaged and prepped the page to accept watercolor as that's all I was taking with me on the trip.

I used a Lyra pencil to sketch out the face and put down the first layers of watercolor.

Then the blue hair and more shadows and wiped away some of the paint (which came off rather too easily so who knows how will this paint will actually stay stuck to the page) to reveal the blue flowers hidden in her hair.

It really tears at me after I complete a piece and then realize I didn't pause long enough to find my own way. I mean, I am not at the stage of copying any more and yet, occasionally, I find myself falling back into it. And you know what? I think that is okay so long as I acknowledge the heck out of it. Which I am. And then take a look at what really worked for me and what didn't.

And because I am choosing to count this one, I've also decided to include a self-portrait that followed along with Tamara Laporte's LifeBook lesson earlier in the year.

This leaves me 10 portraits to complete in my challenge!


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