Number 44 of 52: quick self portrait

I was going through my basket of washi tape, looking for good colors to use in my Fall Studio Yearbook, and I came across four Faber Castell Pitt pens. I checked and sure enough, they were duplicates. So I thought I would challenge myself to use those (and a white Posca pen and a Lyra water-soluble pencil) to do a portrait.

First, the sketch.

I started with the lightest shadow color and discovered it was almost dried out. Oops. Did I go use the other one in the same color that I had? Of course not. I kept going with the others and used the white Posca pen to blend it together. I did this on a piece of regular copy paper so it quickly soaked up the ink making it difficult to move and blend. Gessoing the paper first might have been a good idea, but oh well.

And here's the result:

It's a self portrait but I couldn't be bothered to figure out the glasses (and teal wasn't one of the colors anyway) so I have left it as is.

I have another one that is well underway. What remains is to complete the eyes and do her veil and background, so more on that hopefully soon.