Two Archetypes: Number 43 of 52 Portraits

This portrait is based on a LifeBook 2018 lesson where we learned what our archetypes are. They aren't constant and are supposed to change. So I took the provided quiz and decided to do a portrait featuring two of my archetypes (as of the beginning of this month): the Engineer and the Eternal Child.

Did I find this concept particularly helpful? Not at this surface, introductory, level. Perhaps they are of use if you dive deep into them, but this wasn't that. However, painting two of them was fun.

I went back to my trusted Golden Heavy Body paints and put together a palette from Titanium White, Cerulean Blue Deep, Cadmium Yellow and Quidacridone Magenta.

I sketched out a face on page where I'd been "wiping off" paint brushes and the like, and glued down some collage pieces around the edge.

One side of the face is the "Eternal Child" I started out with Pebbles-like pigtails and greens and purples. She's even wearing a Peter Pan collar. (At least, I think that's what it's called.) The other side is a good deal more subdued, although I added a bit of whimsy at the end.

I tweaked the size of her eyes, and her overlarge mouth (it felt a bit too clown-like) before I finished up with some Faber Castell Pitt pens, Jane Davenport's paint pens, and Posca paint pens. She's a bit "out there" but it was fun to play with the colors. I guess that's my Eternal Child talking. (My Engineer figured out how it would work together.)


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