Number 46 of 52 Portraits: Rose Girl

I finished this one in almost one sitting. OK, so I had some leftover paint from the Mary Magdalene portrait and put that down in a loose face shape along with some leftover green because you can't put paint back into a tube.

A couple of  nights later, my husband wanted to watch some soccer thing so I sat down to paint and finished it all except for the final touches. So progress photos? You've seen them. It. Just the one.

I'd had a really stressful day and it all melted away with the meditative strokes. First in painting the face, which I attempted to do the way Melanie Rivers does. (There's a free lesson on her website. Love her paintings.) I didn't exactly follow and sort of meandered off into my own thing a bit. I didn't use a reference photo either. Then with the repetitive strokes of laying down paint for all the petals and mixing in the white. All the stress was gone and I was in a happy place.

These are the supplies I used. I didn't even clean the brush in water, just kept wiping it off on a rag. Four of the Jane Davenport paints (two from the first collection, two from the second), Golden Cobalt Violet Hue in heavy body, plus some Golden heavy body Titanium White. Finally a few Posca pens for the final detailing, which I did the following evening.

Here is the final portrait:

Six more to go! (If I'm doing the math right.)


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