Number 47 of 52: Creating with Dramasticks

Jane Davenport's new collection is out, so I splurged on some Dramasticks (ok and a few other things), which is like a really soft oil pastel that dries hard. I had a background already made with leftover paint from the previous portrait (Rose Girl) which was a bit of Jane Davenport paint with a lot of Golden heavy body Titanium White mixed in. It ended up with a square of Cobalt Violet hue in the corner too.

(Yummy packaging, am I right?)

I started with a pastel pencil sketch over the paint.

As I started adding some chalk pastel for shading (not Jane's), I realized that the paint was too slick, so I fixed most of the lines with some clear gesso and added more across the surface of her face so the pastel would have something to grip onto.

I found the drama sticks both deliciously moveable and really messy. I really would recommend using Q-tips, tortillions (those pointy paper sticks) or makeup sponges. Jane's line also has something, but of course I didn't pick those up. Once it starts to dry it is really quite difficult to get off your hands. (Ask me how I know.)

Anyway, she's not perfect, but here she is. I wanted to shading in cool tones and create a kind, sad, wistful face. I hope I have managed to do that.

I have signed up to do a pastels portrait class but I am not going to start until after this challenge is done. I am really looking forward to it though.


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