I did it! Portrait 52 of 52 Portraits in (Less Than) 52 Weeks!

My challenge is done! This is the last portrait of my 52 Portraits in 52 Weeks challenge!

I used a photo from unsplash to get the uptilted head angles correct. In the photo the eyes were closed, and I wanted them open.

I realized at once I hadn't sketched the chin correctly but can you see what else is off? Yeah, I didn't either. Stay tuned.

I went ahead and painted. My base colors were Liquitex cadmium-free red, smalt blue, cadmium yellow and titanium white in heavy body Golden acrylic paint. Her lips look fantastic, but the angle was wrong. Also she looked pretty grouchy and there was something else... but doesn't her nose look great?

OK, so her right eye is half an inch south of her left. I painted over it entirely and sketched using a brown Stabilo-All pencil before painting it back in.

I put some shadows in using watercolors (Moonglow, Shadow Violet by Daniel Smith) and then created a galaxy like sky using three different Martha Stewart paints in blues and purple. Sparkled with white paint.

In the bottom right corner is some green shades. That's leftover from the previous portrait.  I try not to waste paint. Now it's a planet!

I scanned the final portrait, and tried to take the seam out of the middle but that didn't turn out so well.

It's called "The light in you sees the light in me."

While I was trying to fix the scan (my scanner tends to run gray) I did an oops that looked really cool, so I thought I would share it too.

As for what's next? I have absolutely no idea. I have some classes I've purchased that I'd like to get to. We shall see!


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