The List of Single-Use Plastic I Used During Lent

I can sadly report that there were only TWO days I went completely single-use plastic-free during Lent. Even with all the changes I made.

Also, I stopped keeping track as of Palm Sunday, so you miss another round of "menstrual necessities", although they were off-set by reusable period panties this time. More on that in a much later post, as I need to go through another cycle with 'em.

Wednesday, March 6:

  • cling wrap that was already wrapped around a cut cucumber (but I rewrapped it, so that -- nah, it still counts -- however I used it before Lent started, so yeah, it doesn't count [see Bargaining])
  • emptied a Lay's chips bag (jalapeno flavored in case you're wondering) bought last weekend. Plastic.
  • had hot chocolate this afternoon at work -- and as I threw the packet into the trash I realized that it was plastic-lined. OMG. I have a feeling I'll be making turmeric lattes or decaf tea for that afternoon warm drink for the next 40 days.
  • the plastic film on my ready-made Freshly meal. This one is going to be one I'll be stuck with for the duration.

Thursday, March 7:

  • trash bag for dog poop
  • Cream cheese container for bagel (it is recyclable once I take it home and wash it, which honestly I don’t usually do) - also I asked them not to give me a knife and they did anyway. I left it on the counter.
  • Lunch: lid made of 100% recycled plastic and is still recyclable. Salsa container and lid also recyclable.
  • was gifted Vegemite: came in a plastic bag (which I will re-use as a umbrella bag), and a plastic mesh sleeve (which will be saved for wine bottles we bring home from our next trip to Australia)

Friday, March 8

  • godDAMN. I’ve been using tiny creamers in my tea and hot chocolate (the one time) without even THINKING. #*%+} [see: Anger]
  • Antibiotic cream sleeve from first aid kit
  • Cap to mini Prosecco wine bottle: two kinds of plastic. Not sure if recyclable.

Saturday, March 9

  • plastic labels on mint and cilantro (better than clamshells). The herbs will go into reusable ziplock containers with water and covered with plastic produce bag (from previous trip) to keep them fresh
  • Plastic mesh holding lemons and limes. I could have used my cotton mesh produce bags but I needed a lot and the bags were on sale [see: Denial]
  • Shiitake mushrooms in plastic container with cling wrap — couldn’t buy separately
  • Other plastics from shopping are recyclable and I’ll mention as they are used up
  • Maxwell House instant coffee container. Should be recyclable.
  • “Sealed for freshness” plastic, metal paper fused seal on bottle of ground cumin.
  • Plastic clamshells that held last week’s herbs
  • Lid to Bundaberg ginger beer: plastic (or silicone) inside the metal lid 

Sunday, March 10

  • finished a TetraPak container - recyclable
  • Jam at lunch was in tiny plastic container - used without thinking
  • Plastic sleeve to Girl Scout Thin Mints
  • Bundaberg Blood orange soda also has plastic seal under tin lid (am deciding not to write down repeat offenders after this but will try to avoid consuming during Lent) [see Denial again!]

Monday, March 11

  • Madura teabag tag was plasticky to the touch, so probably was

Tuesday, March 12

  • plastic seal on Land O Lakes spreadable butter
  • Tortillas in resealable plastic bag. Threw away tear strip but could I reuse bag once tortillas are gone?
  • Plastic cover on doctor’s thermometer
  • Received metal and wood reusable cutlery in a cute (plastic) case and the metal had plastic “covers” for shipping only
  • Tater tot bag

Wednesday, March 13

  • plastic seal on new oatmeal container
  • Plastic seal on milk container
  • Plastic cup from Bibigo (recycled it)

Thursday, March 14

  • ate tuna out of plastic pouches which had unnecessary plastic wrapped plastic spoons in them
  • Finished an Ocean Spray “Mocktails” container

Friday, March 15

  • finished Nutella jar — plastic recyclable

Saturday, March 16

  • amazon packaging — apparently marked as recyclable but difficult to do so
  • Roast beef — went to the counter but it was put in plastic in a plastic baggie, none of it recyclable. Strawberries only available in plastic clamshell
  • Plastic wine glass and dessert plate are plastic.

Sunday, March 17

  • candy wrappers
  • Plastic recyclable sparkling water bottle (am buying glass bottles now)

Monday, March 18

  • ziplock bag from freezer (leftovers for dinner)
  • My dental floss is plastic ${}^#^{

Tuesday, March 19

  • Freshly meal and dental floss
  • Menstrual necessity - not recyclable by a long shot

Wednesday, March 20

  • finished tortillas what were in plastic bag
  • Menstrual necessity

Thursday, March 21

  • Emptied plastic container of fish oil supplements
  • Plastic around new bottle of fish oil
  • Finished carton of milk (mixed plastic and board, supposed to be recyclable)
  • To go box is plastic and they threw in plastic silverware
  • Menstrual necessity

Friday, March 22

  • Menstrual necessity
  • Plastic cup and chip bag at Which Wich

Saturday, March 23

  • menstrual necessity
  • Plastic sleeve of an eked-out Thin Mints
  • Recycled clamshells from strawberries and raspberries and spinach
  • Used the beeswax wraps on raw meat, so they now need to be recycled :(
  • Plastic cover on thermometer at ER vet’s (dog is ok)

Sunday, March 24

  • recycled plastic cranberry juice container
  • Fruit bowl: picked up already cut in a plastic bowl

Monday, March 25

  • plastic film on ready meal

Tuesday, March 26

  • ziplock bag for raw bacon and packaging (wouldn’t fit in large Stasher bag)
  • Plastic bags that contained chopped chicken and shredded cheese
  • Plastic film from Freshly (the rest is recyclable)

Wednesday, March 27

  • cheese in plastic
  • Plastic film from Freshly

March 28 and 29 are plastic free!!!

Saturday, March 30

  • went out to dinner and forgot to bring a reusable straw for the Thai iced tea

Sunday, March 31

  • Plastic candy wrapper

Monday, April 1

  • finished plastic bottle of sparkling water
  • Opened resealable plastic bag of marshmallows. Could clean and reuse bag for other things!

Tuesday, April 2

  • reused plastic grocery bag for dog poop.
  • Ramen noodles for lunch came out of plastic bag
  • dog poop bags

Wednesday, April 3

  • dog poop bags

Thursday, April 4

  • dog poop bags

Friday, April 5

  • hummus plastic container
  • Soap taken to retreat was wrapped in plastic in a cloth bag
  • Tea bag was in plastic container
  • Couldn’t resist the expresso brownie on the styrofoam plate
  • dog poop bags

Saturday, April 6

  • Individual half and half for tea — not quite awake enough to remember there was milk

Sunday, April 7

  • dog poop bags

Monday, April 8

  • inside of lid for Italian soda is plastic/silicone
  • dog poop bags

Tuesday, April 9

  • Freshly meal - plastic film (not recyclable) and plastic container (recyclable)
  • dog poop bags

Wednesday, April 10

  • Freshly meal - plastic film
  • Dog poop bags

Thursday, April 11

  • Freshly meal - plastic film
  • Dog poop bags

Friday, April 12

  • was gifted a chocolate croissant from 85degrees bakery in a plastic bag
  • was gifted matzah crack in plastic ziplock bag
  • Finished a plastic bag of precut baguette pieces - reused it to keep the left over honey goat cheese — and then the balsamic vinegar leaked all over it...
  • Dog poop bags

Saturday, April 13

  • bought bamboo towels to replace our paper towels (they can be rinsed/washed and reused). They came wrapped in plastic and the labeling is very shiny paper... (Company is apparently working on biodegradable wrapping) [Also, writing this a week later, we are still on our first two bamboo towels -- one being rewashed, the other is wrapping produce.]
  • Put dill (has plastic label) into a produce bag and checker pulled it all the way out (I put it in stem out to make it easy for scanning) and then didn’t bother putting it back in!
  • Dog poop bags
  • Plastic wrapped around box of candy (why???)


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