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Putting a Period to Plastic

I want to begin by saying: there will be no pictures in this blog post. Lent was basically over before I could get to try another way to keep plastic out of our landfills: period panties. Yup. For your menstrual cycle. A while back I tried going to cloth pads but even though they "snapped" into place, by the time I'd walked somewhere, the pad was upside down. (Everybody say "ew!") Maybe they would have worked for me if my thighs didn't rub together, but they were not for me. But once you've opened your menstrual pad and disposed of the plastic packaging, the plastic tape cover, and then you eventually reach the foam and plastic thing that is a pad. Oh and the adhesive is plastic too. And do that at least twice a day... ladies, that is a LOT of landfill. In fact, they're 90% plastic (which makes me wonder what the other 10% is). As it happened, one of my coworkers talked about getting period panties. I wanted to know more. Like, yesterday.