A letter from Rosemary

I attended Flora Bowley's "Brave Intuitive Botanicals" class on Wednesday and we did some writing. In my case, that a sprig of rosemary was writing to me.  The timer was up before the letter was finished, but even so, her words are words you need to hear also, so I've done a bit of editing and put it in poem form below.

I want you to know you are resilient.  
Even through drought I have survived,
you will survive too. 
You are enough.
Stay grounded, be rooted in love.
Shelter the birds, those who need you. 
Keep safe by staying put. 
I am full of fragrance that you love. 
Your sweet medicine is useful and nourishes others. 
I want you to know that all will be well, even through cataclysm and loss. 
All will be well. 
And you are loved.


And as a graphic, using the page where I did a blind contour drawing of the rosemary sprig.


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