Painting on Facebook Live continued...

Although the second painting session I had the camera rotated so that I was sideways the whole time, but I was able to fix that. Here's the sped up version below.

And then I did another session the following day. This video is also sped-up because it turns out I hardly do any talking during these things. (The black bar is because the Facebook Live records it so that there are black bars on either side, so I zoomed in for a closer look.)

I kept going after that, and here's where we are at now.

I took it into the Procreate app as somebody spotted something which should have been obvious to me. As I couldn't unsee it, I needed to fix the issue.  I've resolved that now and see my way forward with this mock-up:

This mockup will guide my process, the wings (that you can barely see in the image above as I'm still learning how to use Procreate on my iPad) will be quite different. And I need to keep working on her face and neck first, but I think I will do that without being on Facebook Live. Or maybe I'll be back when I'm ready to paint her wings. Stay tuned!


  1. I'm in awe, it was amazing watching her come to life,
    it's going to be a special artwork
    much love mum


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