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"Official Author" photo: so I'd
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Who I Am.

We often define ourselves by our roles, so here goes: wife, daughter, writer, artist. I am published in Regency-set historical romance, both sweet and erotic, but I don't write romance any more.

Most recently my creative calling has been as a visual artist. I manage to get into my art studio three to four times a week, despite working full time. On the weekends, I can spend hours in there, while during the work week, it might only be 15 minutes or so and it'd be a sketch, or putting down a layer of gesso or some collage.

Art is for myself, right now, no performance anxiety or "will they like it?" is needed, although I was excited to share two self portraits that are recognizably me and more recently got even more excited when two other artists I admire (Annie Hamman and Misty Mawn) complimented me on a third self-portrait and encouraged me to do more. Whether I was angry or upset or frustrated, painting clears out the negative feelings and brought a quiet and very real joy and even delight.

This is my personal blog, so these are my own thoughts and opinions and not of my my current employer, Congregation Beth Israel nor my former employer of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church. {end disclaimer}

I've refocused this blog -- yet again -- to be about art and the process of creating art, although there might still be the occasional food blog post, and I might go through another stint of theological stuff (obviously something that interests me). This blog was formerly known as Provoking Beauty.

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